Gomedh is among the precious 9 gemstones . Gomedh is a Sanskrit name meaning " OF THE COLOUR OF COW'S URINE " . Gomedh of this color is considered as the best gem. Honey colored stones are also equally good .Other names of Gomedh in Sanskrit are Gomedhak, Ping sphatik and Raju-ratna .It is known as Zircoonia in Urdu, Zircon in English, Gomedh in Hindi, Gomedhikam in Telugu.It is found in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, Burma, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Kenya, Canada, U.S.A, and Malaysia. In India it is found in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan and Bihar. Gaya mines in Bihar are the biggest source of this gem. Recently, very good quality of this Gem has been found in Orissa.

It is very important to know that all Gomedh are Zircon but all Zircons are not Gomedh meaning only Zircons which are of the colour of Cow's Urine or are Honey coloured are considered Gomedh . Zircon are available in various colours . The colorless white zircons shine like diamonds and often mistaken as diamonds.Some gemologists consider Hessonite garnet as Gomedh or Zircon.

Gomedh is considered as the stone of Rahu . It is also called as Rahu's Jewel . Unlike other planets Rahu & Ketu do not rule any sign however from astrology point of view Rahu is said to rule the sign Virgo which is actually ruled by Mercury & Ketu is said to rule the sign Pisces which is actually ruled by Pisces .

Gomedh can help in achieving speedy success in less time than expected.
If Gomedh is not suitable to the wearer, it causes many difficulties, damages and failures,. It is better to consult an expert in astrology and gemology to know whether the gem is suitable and of good quality.


1. dullness
2. fibrous
3. rough
4. having a hole or dents
5. flat
6. having a black spot .


1) A real Gomedh, if immersed in bowl of milk does not loose it luster or color and the milk shines in light yellow color.

2) A real Gomedh, if immersed in bowl of milk does not loose it luster or color and the milk shines in light yellow color.


The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 3 Ratti (480 mg).
Gomedh should be studded in silver ring or pendant.
After washing with water and unboiled milk and chanting Mantra: "Om Ram Rahuve Namah Om", it should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.
The wearer should donate sesame seeds, mustard oil, blue cloth, blanket and money as much as possible to a Brahmin or priest and horse should be fed with grass and milk offered to a snake.
Day for wearing: Saturday
Time for wearing: The best time to wear a Gomedh ring is two hours after the sunset.


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