Jupiter is the largest and heaviest planet in the solar system and is regarded as teacher (Guru) of Gods . Jupiter is a sattvik and benefiting planet, signifying luck and fortune. The color of the Jupiter is yellow. Thursday is his days and northeast is his direction. The gemstone related to Jupiter is-the Yellow Sapphire which is most beneficial to the natives of the Sagittarius and Pisces signs of the zodiac.

Yellow Sapphire is an aluminum oxide (Al 2 O3). The word Sapphire is derived from Sapphirus, which is Latin for blue. When the word sapphire is used it actually means the beautiful blue Sapphire. However, in India the yellow sapphire is the most popular gemstone after diamond, due to its significance in Indian astrology. The yellow sapphire is commonly known as Pukhraj or Pushparaga in the Indian market. Yellow sapphires are found in a range of hues between greenish yellow and orangish yellow. Sometimes the yellow color of the stone can be so pale that it can fall into the category of white sapphire. Deep pure golden yellow without any tinge of orange is considered the best color for a yellow sapphire.


The girls in the family who have reached the age of marriage should wear the yellow sapphire because it removes the delay in their way of marriage. However a spouse (husband or wife) should wear for a happier conjugal life.


When placed on a white cloth and exposed to sunlight, it gives yellow hue to the spot where the light is reflected.
If kept in milk for twenty-four hours it does not change color.
It cures poisonous insect bites immediately if rubbed on the afflicted area.


dullness - harmful for health
crack inside the gem - creates fear of thieves
milky appearance inside - harmful for progeny
asymmetrical shape - brings bad luck


1) The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 3 Ratti (360 mg).
2) Yellow sapphire should be embedded in gold ring and to be worn in index finger.
3) Yellow sapphire should be bought on a Thursday, in an ascending moon cycle and when the Pushya Nakshatra is present. Yellow Sapphire should be worn chanting the mantra ,
Mantra: "Om Gum Guruve Namah".
4) One should pray to Jupiter for bestowing the best results and providing help in overcoming difficulties.
5) In order to make the position of Jupiter favorable and to draw the best benefit of the Yellow Sapphire, the wearer should feed a horse with gram pulse on Thursdays.
Day for wearing: Thursday.
6) Time for wearing: Pushya Nakshatra or Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon Period) in the hora of Jupiter.


Diamond is regarded as Gemstone of Venus .It is also considered as King of Gems and it is the most precious mineral. Diamond is a solid Carbon & is found in mines & plains . Diamond colour is white as well as of other colours. It is also known by these names Vajra, Lightning bolt, Hiraka, Bhargava-priya, Beloved of Venus.

The most fine quality as per color grading is totally colorless which is Graded as "D" color diamond across the globe which means it is absolutely free from any color. The next is very slight traces of color which can be observed by any expert Diamond valuer/grading laboratory. However when studded in the jewelery these very light colored diamonds do not show any color or it is not possible to make out color shades. These are graded as E color or F color Diamonds. Diamonds which show very little traces of color are graded as G or H color diamonds. Slightly colored diamonds are graded as I or J or K color. A diamond can be found in any other color also other than colorless. Some of the color diamonds such as pink are very rare diamonds and are priceless.


Diamond represents the Venus planet. If the Venus planet has weak position in the horoscope and the man has the Taurus or Libra sign of the zodiac, he can improve his destiny by wearing diamond. By wearing diamond inferiority complex of its wearer vanishes and brightness is seen on his face and many other qualities generate in him automatically. Poets, painters, artists, actors and sellers of perfumes and ornaments makers , confectioners, hoteliers, gold sellers, doctors and sellers of sugar and rice should wear Diamond gemstone


Opposite sex people are attracted by wearing diamond . Wearers of diamond are saved from ominous things and evil spirits such as witches, ghosts, black magic and even the effect of poison also decreases. Diamond gemstones increases the stamina and makes the marital life happy and permanent. Diamond gemstone also improves health, checks untimely death also. It is advantageous in diseases like epilepsy, impotency, rheumatism, Hydrocil, shortage of semen and other sexual diseases.


• Dullness
• Feathers of a crow
• Red spots
• Black spots
• Greasy
• Pale or brown in color
• Ridges on the surface
• Brittleness


• Hardness & Luster
• Transparency & Luminosity
• Pleasant appearance


• A real diamond when placed in warm milk cools the milk.
• A real diamond when placed in liquid butter or ghee (clarified butter) at room temperature solidifies the butter or ghee.


Periodically soaking in a solution of warm water and liquid soap. A simple brush may be used to dislodge built up dirt from the surface of the diamond. Always, make sure to rinse off the diamond and dirt with a non abrasive cloth.


1) Diamond should be studded in ring consisting 18 carat or 60 % gold. Diamond should be embedded in a gold, silver or punchdhatu (a mixture of five metals: iron, silver, copper, gold, and zinc).
2) After washing with water and unboiled milk and chanting Mantra: "Om Shum Shukraye Namah Om", it should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand.
3) The wearer should donate white cloth, rice ground - sugar and money to a Brahmin. Elephant, white cow or white horse should be fed with fruits.
4) Day for wearing: Friday
5) Time for wearing: The best time to wear a diamond is between sunrise and 11:00 A.M.


Blue Sapphire is also known as Saturn’s stone. It is believed that blue sapphire is studded on Lord Sani's crowns. Neelam is the strongest & fastest acting stones among the 9 planetary gemstones. Neelam is found in Kashmir, Lanka, Russia, America etc .There is a mine near Soomjan in Kasmir where the best quality Neelam is found.


INDRANIL: It is of the color of the neck of Peacock.

JALNIL: It is dark on the boundaries & light in the center.


If the planet Saturn/Sani happens to be your weak friend according to your horoscope, then the gemstone blue sapphire is your perfect gemstone.


The basic material of sapphire is known as corundrum - a colorless material formed from aluminum oxide. It is the addition of titanium and iron during the formation of the sapphire crystals that produces the beautiful blue of this corundrum variety. Crystals of sapphire are found as hexagonal bi-pyramids - hexagonal pyramids arranged base to base. Because of its distinct shape, the sapphire is placed in the trigonal crystal system. Raw sapphire gemstones are usually water-worn, which gives them the appearance of miniature barrels.


Natural sapphires carry within them clear signs of slow crystallization. Some of the external elements sometimes remain preserved in the gem which helps its identification. Like all other precious gems it should have inclusions which should be visible to the naked eye or under magnification. Otherwise, it is a piece of glass or a synthetic substance.

The inclusions are generally like 'feathers' or are like finger print impressions. Liquid inclusions looking like lace are also sometimes visible.

Synthetic sapphires are very common in the market and many traders in order to earn fast money sell them as originals. These are very clear and under magnification show bubble like inclusions. Sometimes feather like inclusions have also seen but they shine abnormally under light.


As mentioned earlier it is the fastest acting gem stone. It will show its effect within 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days. If the particular Neelam stone is beneficial than the person will have monetary gains & other problems are solved but if the particular Neelam does not suit than it can cause accident , financial loss & other problems .


Before buying Neelam take the Neelam stone & test for its effects by keeping with your self & analyzing the dreams which you get. For instance if you get good dreams it means the Neelam is lucky for you & vice versa. One thing to be remembered about Neelam is that the effect of neelam varies from stone to stone. One Neelam stone may suit you but it is not necessary that if you buy another Neelam stone it will also suit you.


Its ring should be kept in a copper bowl full of water on Saturday. It should be worn after pouring the water of the bowl on the roots of a peepal tree, two hours before the sun set in the middle finger reciting the Mantra: "Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah Om".
One should pray to Saturn for bestowing the best results and providing help in overcoming difficulties.
One should donate black urad, salt, mustard oil, soap, tea leaves, money (Dakshina) according to one's capacity at the feet of peepal tree and pray for well being. Male buffalo should be fed with green leaves and cotton seed and Shivalinga should be bathed with milk.
Day for wearing: Saturday
Time for wearing: Sunset


It should be taken off, if its color is changed or it is cracked because this is a warning to the wearer that he should change his gem.


Ruby is known as the LORD OF GEMS because of its rarity & beauty .In Sanskrit , Ruby is known as RATANRAJ Ruby is red variety of mineral corundum. Rubies are pinkish, purplish, orange, and brownish red in color depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. The name Ruby is derived from Latin word RUBER which means red .The finest quality of Ruby is from Rubies were first synthesized in 1902. The process of creating synthetic rubies is known as the VERNUEIL PROCESS Many rubies on the market are synthetic. Only experts can distinguish between natural and synthetic rubies.



Norwegian (Bokmål):Rubin

Serbian (Cyrillic Script):Рубин
Simplified Chinese:红宝石
Traditional Chinese:紅寶石
Vietnamese:Hồng ngọc


If it is immersed in milk, the red rays should break the liquid. Or if it is rubbed on a stone, the stone may show signs of friction but the ruby must not lose weight.

Ruby is the Gemstone, used to enhance the powers of the Sun. The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases:

* Heart diseases, eye inflammation, low or high blood pressure
* Hemorrhage, cardiac thrombosis, heated and bilious constitution
* Cerebral meningitis, eruption of the face, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun-stroke, scorches, diseases of the head


A blemished and defective Ruby or one with a black hue brings troubles for the wearer. If the stone is dull, the wearer's brother gets into distress. Double colored ruby causes distress to the native and his father. The stone with a red sign causes quarrels and disputes. The gemstone with four spots or signs creates fear from wounds and weapons. If ruby is dusty colored it causes stomach disorders and childlessness. If there is a depression on the stone, the wearer suffers from ill health and loses vitality and stamina. If the ruby is inflicted with many flaws it may even bring death. It is also believed that if the stone loses its color, the wearer is about to become the victim of some distress or disaster. It regains its color when the trouble is averted or over.


Emerald is the green variety of the mineral beryl . The formation of emerald involves a natural process known as exometamorphism. During this phenomenon if the basic rock contains the elements Chromium or Vanadium small quantity of it might get incorporated in the structure of beryl. This gives the rock its gem like green color. Varying amount of iron also alters the color of the rock. It has a hardness of 7.5-8 and a refractive index of 1.57-1.59.They range in color from slightly yellowish green to darker bluish green. The cut of the stone is also significant. Although faceted emerald can have round, pear, oval shapes the emerald cut, that is, octagonal shape is most preferred. Inclusions are almost an accepted fact in emeralds.

The planet Mercury is regarded as the prince among the assembly of nine planets. Mercury is the son of the moon by his wife Rohini. In human body Mercury represents wisdom and voice. Mercury is the ruler of two signs of the Zodiac - The Gemini and The Virgo. The gemstone related to the Mercury is Emerald. By wearing emerald gemstone, a man can pacify mental disturbance. Emerald gemstone should be worn especially by diplomats, scientists, astrologers, teachers, architects medical personalities, doctors, businessmen, property dealers, publishers, accountants, engineers, writers, post officers, insurance officers and intellectuals. Emerald gemstone increases reasoning power, presence of mind and spiritual power.

A rare, prized form of emerald, found only in the Muzo mining district of Colombia, is a very unusual form of this gem. This emerald, known as "Trapiche " emerald" is characterized by star-shaped rays that emanate from its center in a hexagonal pattern.


Colombian Emerald - Emerald from Colombia. This emerald is usually of exceptional quality.
Brazilian Emerald - Emerald from Brazil. The Brazilian emeralds are generally a lighter color than the Colombian emeralds. (The term Brazilian Emerald may also refer to green Tourmaline from Brazil.)
Zambian Emerald - Quality emerald from Zambia
Trapiche Emerald - Emerald with black impurities in the form of a six-rayed star
Star Emerald - Usually refers to trapiche emerald (above), but may also correctly refer to the rare occurrence of an emerald displaying asterism

Cat's Eye Emerald - Emerald exhibiting cat's eye effect. Cat's eye emerald is very rare, and only exists on paler emeralds.


Emeralds have been synthetically produced since 1848. However, only recently have synthetic emeralds been available of the market. The synthetic emeralds currently produced are so similar to true, natural emeralds that they are virtually indistinguishable by normal means. Here are some names for synthetic emerald to watch out for:
Biron Emerald
Chatham Emerald
Gilson Emerald
Kimberly Emerald
Lennix Emerald
Linde Emerald
Regency Emerald
Zerfass Emerald.


Planet : Mercury
Cosmic Color : Green
Sign : Gemini, Virgo
Element : Earth
Time : Sunrise
Day : Wednesday


• If a real emerald is placed in a glass pot with water it radiates green light, whereas the imitation does not.
• If a real emerald is placed on the eyes it gives a cool feeling, whereas an imitation becomes warm very quickly.
• A drop of water on a real gemstone retains its shape and does not spread around like water. Even moving and inverting the gemstone does not harm the drop, whereas in an imitation it does not remain a drop but spreads like water.


Avoid sharp impacts on the stone and shapes with exposed points, like a marquise, should be protected. Clean with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. Store separately from other jewelry and gemstones. Never put emerald in ultrasonic or steam cleaners.


The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 2.5 Ratti (300 mg).
Emerald should be embedded in silver or mixed five metals or iron ring.
Emerald's ring should be washed with un boiled milk in the morning. After touching this ring to the feet of the desired God reciting the mantra wear on the smallest finger. Mantra: "Om Bum Budhayae Namah Om".
One should pray to Mercury for bestowing the best results and providing help in overcoming difficulties.
One should donate money to a Brahmin and green vegetables with leaves should be fed to a cow.
Day for wearing: Wednesday
Time for wearing: Sunrise


The pearl is often called the "queen of the sea”. Pearls are unique among gemstones, being the only ones found within a living creature and the only ones that requires no fashioning, (cutting or polishing,) before use. Other names are Mukta, Sasi-ratna, Gem of the moon, Taraka, Falling star, Jiva-ratna, Gem of the intellect. Pearls are formed naturally by the oyster when a foreign object enters the shell and causes irritation to its soft tissue. The oyster forms a secretion around the object as a form of protection. The foreign object can be a number of different things including a grain of sand or a parasite. In time the coating builds up in iridescent layers. Pearls can be almost any shape, but round ones are generally more desirable.

The finest natural pearls are fished almost exclusively from the Persian Gulf and the China Sea, while the best cultivated ones come from Japan, Korea and more recently Australia.
Natural or real pearls come mainly from oysters, although there are other bi-valve mollusks from which can produce them. Cultured pearls are produced by artificially introducing a foreign object into the fleshy part of oysters, which become coated with nacre in a similar manner to natural pearls. Imitation pearls are also made in various ways.


Planet : Moon
Cosmic Color : Orange
Sign : Cancer
Element : Water
Time : Evening
Day : Monday
Metal : Silver


1. Cracks on surface
2. Lines on the body of the Pearl.
3. Joint like appearance.
4. Mole of black color, the wearing of such Pearl gives very inauspicious results,
5. Without any luster
6. With spots,
7. One with dirt inside it,


• Moonlike, shining white color
• Perfectly round, globular shape and size
• Compactness, which gives it a high specific gravity
• Luster, soft glamour, attractiveness, and brilliance of reflection
• Smoothness, which gives an agreeable sensation to the eyes
• Spotlessness and freedom from blemishes (dents, scratches, ridges) and impurities


• Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis, varicose loins, nervous debility, cancer, typhoid.
• Colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumors, peritonitis.
• Eye diseases, lunacy, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, cold, and cough.


The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 2 Ratti (240 mg).
Pearl should be studded in silver ring or pendant.
After washing with water and un boiled milk and chanting Mantra: "Om Som Somaye Namah Om" or "Om Chandraya Namah" in a temple of the Lord Shiva, it should be worn on the smallest finger of the right hand.
After that rice, sugar, wheat, cloth and money should be donated to a Brahmin.
Day for wearing: Monday
Time for wearing: The best time to wear a pearl ring is evening, or when the Moon is rising.


The gemstone related to Mars is Coral and its zodiac signs are the Aries and the Scorpio. It is not a mineral. Coral is kind of organic substance. Coral gemstone is prepared by non-vertebrate sea organism which are called Isis Nobiles.


Planet : Mars
Cosmic Color Yellow
Sign : Aries, Scorpio
Element : Earth
Time : Sunrise
Day : Tuesday
Metal : Yellow Gold and Copper


1. There may be a black or white spot in the composition.
2. There may be a crack on the surface on in the body.
3. There may be more than one shades of color in the same piece.
4. There may be a depression, bend or twist on the surface.


If real Coral is placed in glass of cow's milk, the color of the milk will appear pink or take on a red tinge. Imitation coral will not affect the whiteness of milk.
• If a coral is dropped in blood, blood will thicken around it.
• A true coral changes color according to the physical well-being of the wearer. It fades before the disorder in physical health is noticeable and resumes its original color when physical health is restored.


The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 3 Ratti (360 mg). The Coral weighing 5,7,9,11,13 rattis is more fortune giving.
Coral should be studded in copper or gold ring.
Before wearing the coral ring for the first time, immerse it in raw cow's milk and wash it in the Ganga water.
After touching this ring to the feet of the desired God reciting the mantra wear in the ring finger of the right hand.
Mantra: "Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om".
One should pray to Mars saying 'O God! Mars we have put on your gem for your grace, kindly save us fully'.
The wearer should donate lentil, gur and money after tying in a red cloth to a Brahmin or priest. Gur should be fed to a red ox.
Day for wearing: Tuesday
Time for wearing: The best time to wear a coral ring is one hour after sunrise or up to 11:00 a.m.

The wearing of a Red Coral (Moonga) makes the native courageous and a conqueror of his enemies. It is believed that the genuine Red Coral warns the wearer of coming ill health by changing its color. The Red Coral prevents from bad dreams and nightmares. It protects the wearer from evil spirits